Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Where to Begin

On Friday I had to play LPW and the track was Never Be Lonely by The Feeling. Really fun tune, everyone hated it so I kept quiet. We were first to play as we didn't play last week. Went wicked, kept my cool and played it great. Really fun and the response was great. Tutor said;

'your the only one of the drummers to actually put the accents in. Its really nice to see a sensible drummer and even better, a drummer who sings along with a cheesy grin'

I had to do a cheesy grin the the crowd. Not cool.

I then thought now i've played first I might as well leave and catch my train instead of listening to the same song played 12 times.

Went home very happy and got ready to go to Sean's in Portsmouth. I got on the train which was about an hour. What a great train, went through all little villages with like 50 houses, little streams going through all in the hills. Was so cool.

Got Greeted by Sean at the Station. Loved it. Great to see him, he is having a fab time at Portsmouth, I stayed there for 2 nights and lucky for us the camera's were still rolling.

That night I met all his flat mates who are sooooo nice and cool. Really laid back easy cool guys. That night we went to a club called TigerTiger as it was Sean's flatmates birthday. Was great night out. Really nice to let myself go. There's me with me with Craig and Sean.

Next morning me and Sean wen out to TigerTiger again to have lunch. Sean had a free lunch coupon so we thought we'd use it. I scrapped my plate. Ain't ate a proper meal in ages. Portsmouth is WICKED. really really really nice place to live, Sean's got it so cushy. We had lunch and then walked around the see HMS etc. Was lovely. That night we had the fittest stir fry ever. Although we didn't have any noodles. Whats with that.

We were going to Baywatch party so I had to wear beach clothes which Sean told me last minute. I borrowed Sean's Trunks and wore a tank top. Bit Gay. Also took the shades and Hat.

Drank quite a bit before we went out. Was also another fantastic night. met some great people, many of whom are just randomers as I just went up to people to get a photo. There's me Dan and Sean.

Got up next morning and went to pub for breaking with Sean's Gang. We ended up going on a massive walk for about 2 hours. Was lovely.

Went home to good old Guildford. Steve came back with Dean. was really good see Matt and Steve after a weekend away and nice too See Dean.

Monday had a rehearsal with a band that I have been emailing. Was a nice little jam/chat. Came home and got drunk with Dean and Steve. Good times!

Much Peace and Jazz, x

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