Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Where to Begin

On Friday I had to play LPW and the track was Never Be Lonely by The Feeling. Really fun tune, everyone hated it so I kept quiet. We were first to play as we didn't play last week. Went wicked, kept my cool and played it great. Really fun and the response was great. Tutor said;

'your the only one of the drummers to actually put the accents in. Its really nice to see a sensible drummer and even better, a drummer who sings along with a cheesy grin'

I had to do a cheesy grin the the crowd. Not cool.

I then thought now i've played first I might as well leave and catch my train instead of listening to the same song played 12 times.

Went home very happy and got ready to go to Sean's in Portsmouth. I got on the train which was about an hour. What a great train, went through all little villages with like 50 houses, little streams going through all in the hills. Was so cool.

Got Greeted by Sean at the Station. Loved it. Great to see him, he is having a fab time at Portsmouth, I stayed there for 2 nights and lucky for us the camera's were still rolling.

That night I met all his flat mates who are sooooo nice and cool. Really laid back easy cool guys. That night we went to a club called TigerTiger as it was Sean's flatmates birthday. Was great night out. Really nice to let myself go. There's me with me with Craig and Sean.

Next morning me and Sean wen out to TigerTiger again to have lunch. Sean had a free lunch coupon so we thought we'd use it. I scrapped my plate. Ain't ate a proper meal in ages. Portsmouth is WICKED. really really really nice place to live, Sean's got it so cushy. We had lunch and then walked around the see HMS etc. Was lovely. That night we had the fittest stir fry ever. Although we didn't have any noodles. Whats with that.

We were going to Baywatch party so I had to wear beach clothes which Sean told me last minute. I borrowed Sean's Trunks and wore a tank top. Bit Gay. Also took the shades and Hat.

Drank quite a bit before we went out. Was also another fantastic night. met some great people, many of whom are just randomers as I just went up to people to get a photo. There's me Dan and Sean.

Got up next morning and went to pub for breaking with Sean's Gang. We ended up going on a massive walk for about 2 hours. Was lovely.

Went home to good old Guildford. Steve came back with Dean. was really good see Matt and Steve after a weekend away and nice too See Dean.

Monday had a rehearsal with a band that I have been emailing. Was a nice little jam/chat. Came home and got drunk with Dean and Steve. Good times!

Much Peace and Jazz, x

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Got up and went into ACM. Some kid on the stairs was comparing the music being played to the O.C and Gilmour Girls. I really didn't know what he was going on about. Started talking to me all the way down. really annoyed me.

'This music is like.. something like...er.. off of the OC or some shit, where everyone is like...er... ultra good looking and fucking beautiful... even the men i'd give it to them'

Mate, shut up, I don't care.

Went into Costa coffee and sat there for 2 hours reading. Was so nice and peaceful. Love it there.

Came home and then had a rehearsal. Went to pub after with band. Was quite good. As I had to spend over £5 to use my card I was there with the bassist, just like

'erm pint of Abbott Ale, er... Crisps... Er, how much is that?...ok erm.... 2 shots what the hell'

Came home and now sitting here... My blogs are getting worse and worse.

Funkadelic, x

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Got up and went to ACM. Had a lesson about technical development. My teacher got really annoyed with a part of the syllabus so just put on Drummerworld.com and showed us loads of videos. Great lesson.

Came out and had a presentation lecture. Few bands got up and played acoustic sets which were actually really good. Really enjoyed.

As soon as I came out went to a rehearsal at Hayden place for a 2 hours rehearsal. I weren't in the mood. Was starving and had a massive head ache. Rehearsal went well.

Came home and had a nap. Now got a massive headache. Just arranged with Sean that i'm going down to Portsmouth this weekend. Cant wait to see Sean.

What a crap blog.


Monday, 20 October 2008

Upminster, the way I left it!


Had to play LPW, the song was Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. Luckily my band had practised night before so I was ready for once. Just annoying that I didn't get to play this time around. Oh well, it don't matter.

Came out and had a lesson with Windsor. Fantastic drummer, his got long ginger hair in a pony tail and a very very strong Scottish accent (cos he's from Scotland). He's my teacher for Session styles, and his the one where he tells you to rub the kid next to you's shoulders. So I had a great lesson, I said I wanted to learn basis of funk. He said play something funk for me. I did and he goes

'So who do you look up to in the funk world of music?'

I listen to a fair amount of funk but I was put on the spot and couldn't think. And about a week previous me and Steve got into a drummer called Dennis Chambers who plays great funk music so I just replied...

'Erm... Dennis Chambers init'

'Oh, great, so you know blue matter then?'


Came out of lesson and had Burger King. Got on the train went home. Really nice to see Upminster again. Went home and saw family, so weird as me and me brother moved out at same time so the house is empty. Very strange, me Mum and Dad have turned so weird. All my Dad does now, is eat monkey buts and pinch me Mums arse as she walks past. As long as it keeps him off the streets. That night I went round Mikes and had a Will Ferrell night. Was wicked.


Got up and went to see me brother with me mum. We got completely the wrong trains. I knew I was right but oh well. He lives with his girlfriend in proper nitty gritty East London. He took us around his local area to all these really weird exhibitions. Was really amazing some of the stuff. Too long to explain. Ask me sometime.

Came home and Nan, Grandad, Aunt and Uncle were there. All came over for me. Was great. Really nice to see them all as I won't see them till Christmas.

Went out to pub with Matt, Mike, Chris, Harry, Jamie, Jack and Capon. Was really good to see everyone.


Got up after having a nice lay in. My bed at home is so comfy. Me and me dad watched You've been framed, then Harry Hill's TV Burp and then David Gilmour Live in Gdansk. Then had a nice home cooked dinner, which was lovely whilst watching Grand Prix. Typical Sunday programme.

Then went to pub with Iain. So lovely to see him, only had a few pints with him. But was just me and him so had a really nice chat. He's getting on fine. I really miss him loads. Made me realise how special college was for a social life. Everyone I met there was amazing and I love them all.


Got up at 7.30 which was mental. Had to catch a train at 8.30 to get back to Guildford as I had a lesson at 11. Met Matt at the station and the trains were all running smoothly. Got there at just before 10.30 which was handy.

Had such a hectic day. Had my lesson at 11 till 1. I then went to find our local music store to buy some ear plugs. I got lost so I gave up. Went into Waterstones and bought a Pink Floyd autobiography book. Sat in the Costa Coffee there and read. Really nice and peaceful, Was great. Might have to do that more often when i'm bored. Was there for hour and half and then had my drum lesson which was also wicked. Met a guitarist who i've been emailing about starting up a funk band. He seemed really up for it and we're starting to jam next week. Shall be wicked. Came home and had a little nap. Natasha came over with Steve. I then rushed to make dinner as I had rehearsal at Hayden Place at 8. So I left a little late, walked fast in the rain to get there. The band didn't turn up. Really frustrated me. Got soaked and they didn't even boffer to contact me.

Now, just sitting here listening to Pink Floyd. Masters

'Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon'

- Dark side of the moon. Pink Floyd

Peace, x

Thursday, 16 October 2008


- Garth Marenghi (From Garth Marenghi's Darkplace Episode 2, Channel 4, 2004)

Yesterday went to the Boiler room. Was savage. Had a funk band there and 7 different drum tutors at ACM all got up and played. Was so good, got a little drunk but the tunes were amazing. The man from BDC was standing in front of us. I think I mentioned him before how he thinks that me and Steve are a gay couple. Well it doesn't after what happened last night. The only time he turns round to look at us I put my hand in Steve's pants as a laugh (must of been funny at the time cause thinking of it, it ain't). Definitely thinks we're gay.

Came home and watched Pulp Fiction. I made Steve get it as he said he fell asleep through it last time. He loved every minute of it. Which I'm really pleased with, how can you not like it. Mental Film.

Woke up and went into ACM. Had a theory lesson with the guitarist who played last night. Said how amazing he was, arse licking. He then was trying to get the piano to work through the sound system. There was a massively huge hiss coming through the speakers so you would expect a sound. He tapped the piano, nothing came out. He adjusted the settings, tapped it again once again nothing. He done this about 5 times after which he shouted;


I found it so funny. He then managed to get a tiny little sound to which he said;

'You think with the size of the fucking hiss coming through the fucking speakers I'll be able to get a louder fucking sound than that'

Made me laugh at least.

Came home and done a little bit of work and napped. I went to rehearsal at 8 until 9. Was really worried about the song for tomorrow. Even my singer said its very difficult and she was scared. Had a fantastic rehearsal. Went down a storm. Played it wicked, got everything sorted out, now just gotta play it tomorrow. Very happy bunny.

Gonna watch Reservoir Dogs in a minute. Got Steve into Tarrintino.

I'm going home tomorrow. So hopefully, LPW goes ok and then have a great weekend. Cant wait.

Smile for us, x

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

First potato in ages...

Woke up and went into ACM. Had a really enjoyable lesson sight reading, played a song in front of the class and got called 'great' which really boosted my ego.

Met Steve and went pub, all we do is sit there not ordering anything and Steve gets out his bottle of water and buttered shortcakes. The staff must not appreciate this at all.

After watching Steve scoff himself. I then had to go to a business lecture. On the way, a kid walking up the stairs in front of me got his guitar caught in the banister and fell completely onto his stomach. He looked round and saw me and had to bowl away didn't he. I tried my hardest not to laugh.

Had a great business lecture about live music. Really makes me want to get out there and start playing.

Came home and watched heroes with Steve. I dunno why i'm still watching this season, its terrible. Don't understand any of it. I then had a nap which was far too late so probably won't sleep tonight.

I made dinner, I had a marks and sparks Yorkshire pudding with gravy, potato and beef in the middle. Ain't had a potato for ages. It was such a nice dinner. Perfect size, perfect taste, perfect.

Matt then helped me turn my computer into a mac. It looks the dogs nob. So neat and tidy. I now wanna clean up my 600 gb hard drive. Won't have the time though.

Ciao, x

Monday, 13 October 2008

The past 3 days...

Well, doing a post for Saturday, Sunday and Today as didn't do as not much happened.

Saturday was a pretty boring day, just got up late and went down Guildford for a bit. People who started reading this now are like this kid is so boring.

Anyway, on Sunday me Mummy and Daddy came down to pick up my lizard (take it home not hold it). We went out for lunch at Nando's. My Mum went up and ordered, but she didn't ask me and my Dad what type of flavour chicken we would want. For some reason she got me Lemon. Lemon chicken, one thing that doesn't go with chicken is lemon. Was horrible. Me and my Dad just sat there watching the locals walk up and down. Had one geezer playing a guitar and singing (busking). Halfway through he got a call and got out a really expensive Samsung phone. One little girl went over and tipped him whilst he was on his phone. I was tempted to stand next to him on my phone which is probably not as good to see what i'd get. One fella picked up his little toddler son and went to throw on his shoulders. The kid didn't have a clue what was going on and went over his head and caught his feet round the fellas neck so his face was right near his arse. It's good watching people. The fella nearly choked.

We then ate up and went to a park nearby as me Mum and Dad wanted to talk to me, see how I was getting on. After finishing my 99 which is now £1.45 (why call it a 99). We decided to have a little walk around a little lake (more of a pond). The mean age was literally 5 years old. I must of looked like had downs walking with my parents. My Dad then got all excited that he saw a 'secret passage'. My dad really wanted to go through, so we went through and a sign read a little riddle which i've now forgot but it was basically saying how there was stepping stones ahead. We were walking across these stepping stones behind some young kids, I then looked behind me to see we were in front of young kids. So we was in the middle of a group of young kids (by young kids I mean 3-6 years old), look around and see all the parents waiting for their kids to come across and there we was. Me, me mum and dad walking across these childish stepping stones with all the parents watching and laughing. I definitely had downs.

This week we have to learn Black Dog by Led Zeppelin. A pretty wicked song, but hard to play in a band due to all the stops. I was very nervous about today, but it all went ok and it's put me in a good mood.

Steve came home today. I've missed him a lot. Weekends are boring without him, I was planning on going away for the next 3 weekends but may have to change somethings around.

jazz, x